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Guidelines Committee

The Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine (JSPM) has published the following six guidelines and one clinical evidence since 2010.

  1. Clinical Guidelines for Cancer Pain Management 2010, 2014
  2. Clinical Guidelines for Palliative Sedation Therapy, 2010, 2018
  3. Clinical Guidelines for Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Cancer Patients, 2011, 2017
  4. Clinical Guidelines for Respiratory Symptoms in Cancer Patients, 2011, 2016
  5. Clinical Guidelines for Infusion Therapy in Advanced Cancer Patients, 2013
  6. Clinical Guidelines for Urological Symptoms in Cancer Patients, 2016
  7. Clinical Evidence for Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Cancer Patients, 2016

JSPM has also published the Guide to Cancer Pain Control for Cancer Patients and Caregivers, 2014, 2017.
The Guideline Committee is dedicated to the publication of new guidelines and to update our guidelines every 3–5 years using Procedures for the Evaluation, Selection, and Publication of Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines as a part of Medical Information Network Distribution Service (MINDS).
The Guideline Committee is also dedicated to spreading the highest standards of palliative medicine across Japan by providing information and education on our palliative medicine guidelines at conferences hosted by JSPM and other domestic organizations.

July 31th 2019