About JSPM

Great advances in biomedicine in the latter half of the 20th century made a significant contribution to the fields of modern medicine and welfare. In the cancer field especially, progress in basic medicine and also in clinical medicine have meant a considerable improvement in treatment results. Despite these advances, it is still a reality that many cancer patients continue to go through total suffering. Under such circumstances, Palliative Medicine, which aims to improve the quality of life (QOL) of patients, is being established in overseas countries.

However, not enough has been done to establish Palliative Medicine in Japan. We therefore founded the Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine in 1996, in order to establish Palliative Medicine as a concept that comprehensively encompasses specialized fields of medicine and welfare. Toward QOL improvement, the Society is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary and scientific study to develop Palliative Medicine, so as to contribute to society through the practice and education of Palliative Medicine. Additionally, by obtaining corporate status based on the Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities, the Society will further strengthen its ongoing activities and cooperate with other related academic societies, study groups and various organizations in Japan and abroad. Through such efforts, the Society intends to facilitate advancement and promotion of Palliative Medicine, thereby contributing to the development of medicine and welfare.


The Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine will promote interdisciplinary and scientific study to develop Palliative Medicine, aiming at improving people’s quality of life for the entire period of cancer and other intractable diseases, from diagnosis to terminal care. Moreover, through the practice and education of Palliative Medicine, the Society aims to contribute to the development of medicine and welfare.

Organizing academic conventions and lecture meetings concerning Palliative Medicine
Organizing seminars, courses, workshops and so forth concerning Palliative Medicine
Promoting study and research into Palliative Medicine
Issuance of Palliative Medicine-related publications
Public relations, and dissemination and exchange of information on Palliative Medicine
Training and certifying specialists in Palliative Medicine
Providing support to Palliative Medicine-related organizations
Other activities as necessary to achieve the objectives of the Society
Types of membership
Regular members: Individuals who have become members of the Society in agreement with its objectives and have interest in its activities, education and study related to medicine and welfare
Associate members: Individuals and organizations who have become members of the Society to support the Society’s activities
Distinguished service members: Individuals recommenced by Directors or Representatives from among those who have made distinguished contribution to the Society, and approved by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the separate bylaws
Honorary members: Individuals or organizations approved by the Board of Directors as having made significant contribution to Palliative Medicine
Board member list
Toyoshi Hosokawa (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)
[Vice President]
Yoshiyuki Kizawa (Kobe University)
[Secretary general]
Hajime Kagaya (Meiji Pharmaceutical University)
Kazunari Abe (Chiba Prefectural University of Health Sciences)
Harue Arao (Osaka University)
Etsuko Aruga (Teikyo University School of Medicine)
Keiichi Uemura (Sapporo City General Hospital)
Yosuke Uchitomi (National Cancer Center)
Iwao Osaka (Shizuoka Cancer Center)
Keiichiro Ohta (Nippon Medical School)
Keiko Ohta (Shimane University Hospital)
Yoshiaki Okamoto (Ashiya Municipal Hospital)
Masashi Kato (National Cancer Center)
Hiroya Kinoshita (National Cancer Center Hospital East)
Fumiko Koyama (Kinki University Hospital)
Hidetoshi Sato (Saga University Hospital)
Mitsuru Shiokawa (Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital)
Satofumi Shimoyama (Aichi Cancer Center Hospital)
Takuya Shinjo (Shinjo Clinic)
Yusuke Takamiya (Showa University)
Keiko Tamura (Kyoto University)
Satoru Tsuneto (Kyoto University)
Nobuhisa Nakajima (Graduate School of Medicine Tohoku University)
Saori Hashiguchi (Keio University)
Chiharu Hamamoto (Home Care Nursing Service Center “PEACE”)
Takashi Higashiguchi (Fujita Health University)
Miki Hosoya (Center for Cancer Control and Information Services)
Ryo Yamamoto (Saku Central Hospital Advanced Care Center)
Atsuko Uchinuno (University of Hyogo)
Ryusei Saito (National Hospital Organization Nishigunma Hospital)
Noriaki Tanaka
[Honorary members]
Isamu Adachi, Satoshi Ebihara, Michio Ogawa, Tadao kakizoe, Tetsuo Kashiwagi, Minoru Kurihara, Motoharu Kondo, Akiyoshi Namiki, Kazuaki Hiraga, Tadao Nagayama
[Distinguished service members]
Masahito Okayasu, Misako Kojima, Noboru Kobayashi, Fumimaro Takaku, Fumikazu Takeda, Michitaka Nakura, Kiichiro Noda, Kikuro Nomoto, Shigeaki Hinohara

Committee on General Affairs & Finance (Hajime Kagaya)
Committee on Education and Training (Yoshiyuki Kizawa)
Committee on Commissioned Projects (Keiichi Uemura)
Committee on Scientific Affairs (Yosuke Uchitomi)
Committee on Future Projects (Nobuhisa Nakajima)
Committee on Specialist Certification and Training (Saori Hashiguchi)
Committee on Online Journal (Takuya Shinjo)
Committee on Public Relations (Etsuko Aruga)
Committee on Newsletter Editing (Satoru Tsunetou)
Committee on Specialized & Cross-Sectional Palliative Care Promotion (Masashi Kato)
Committee on Health and Nursing Care Insurance (Takashi Higashiguchi)
Committee on International Affairs (Kazunari Abe)
Committee on Rules (Mitsuru Shiokawa)
Committee on Districts (Hidetoshi Sato)
Committee on Ethics & Benefit Reciprocity (Satofumi Shimoyama)
Committee on Safety (Yusuke Takamiya)
Committee on Terminology (Hiroya Kinoshita)
Committee on Palliative Medicine Guidelines (Keiichirou Ohta)
Advisory Committee for Board Certification (Ryo Yamamoto)

Number of members

Total number of members:12,410(As of May 2, 2016)
Breakdown by profession

Doctors: 5,778 (46.6%)
Dentists: 47 (0.4%)
Nurses: 4,569 (36.8%)
Pharmacists: 1,167 (9.4%)
MSWs: 102 (0.8%)
rehabilitation specialist : 248 (2.0%)
psychologist: 129 (1.0%)
dietitian: 87 (0.7%)
music therapists: 10 (0.1%)
dental hygienist: 10 (0.1%)
Others: 263 (2.1%)