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News Letter No.63
May 2014  63
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看取りのクリニカルパスLiverpool Care Pathwayの有効性を検証した

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化学療法による好中球減少症に対するG-CSF の予防的投与を比較した無作為化比較試験

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ASCO special article:2013年のがん医療の進展
Patel JD, Krilov L, Adams S, Aghajanian C, Basch E, Brose MS, Carroll WL, de Lima M, Gilbert MR, Kris MG, Marshall JL, Masters GA, O'Day SJ, Polite B, Schwartz GK, Sharma S, Thompson I, Vogelzang NJ, Roth BJ. Clinical Cancer Advances 2013: Annual Report on Progress Against Cancer from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.J Clin Oncol. 2014;32(2):129-60.

WEB によるがん患者の症状評価・教育ツールに関する無作為化比較試験
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カルボプラチン・パクリタキセル療法の1 週投与と3 週投与でのQOLの比較:子宮がん対象の第V相試験から
Harano K, Terauchi F, Katsumata N, Takahashi F, Yasuda M, Takakura S, Takano M, Yamamoto Y, Sugiyama T.Quality-of-life outcomes from a randomized phase III trial of dose-dense weekly paclitaxel and carboplatin compared with conventional paclitaxel and carboplatin as a first-line treatment for stage II-IV ovarian cancer: Japanese Gynecologic Oncology Group Trial (JGOG3016). Ann Oncol. 2014;25(1):251-7.

ソラフェニブに関連した腎がんの手足症候群に対する低摩擦性のセラミド配合ハイドロコロイドドレッシング材の効果を検証した無作為 化比較試験
Shinohara N, Nonomura N, Eto M, Kimura G, Minami H, Tokunaga S, Naito S. A randomized multicenter phase II trial on the effi cacy of a hydrocolloid dressing containing ceramide with a low-friction external surface for hand-foot skin reaction caused by sorafenib in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Ann Oncol. 2014;25(2):472-6.

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リンパ腫患者での化学療法中の運動プログラムによる治療関連の副作用やQOL に対する効果を検証した無作為化比較試験
Streckmann F, Kneis S, Leifert JA, Baumann FT, Kleber M, Ihorst G, Herich L, Grussinger V, Gollhofer A, Bertz H.Exercise program improves therapy-related side-eff ects and quality of life in lymphoma patients undergoing therapy.Ann Oncol. 2014;25(2):493-9.

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様々ながん腫でのQOL・症状による予後予測:EORTC QLQ-C30を用いた無作為化比較試験データの2次分析
Quinten C, Martinelli F, Coens C, Sprangers MA, Ringash J, Gotay C, Bjordal K, Greimel E, Reeve BB, Maringwa J, Ediebah DE, Zikos E, King MT, Osoba D, Taphoorn MJ, Flechtner H, Schmucker-Von Koch J, Weis J, Bottomley A, Patient Reported O, Behavioral E, the European Organization for R, Treatment of Cancer Clinical G. A global analysis of multitrial data investigating quality of life and symptoms as prognostic factors for survival in diff erent tumor sites. Cancer. 2014;120(2):302-11.

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外来がん患者の倦怠感の1 ヶ月間での急激な悪化の予測因子
Fisch MJ, Zhao F, O'Mara AM, Wang XS, Cella D, Cleeland CS. Predictors of significant worsening of patientreported fatigue over a 1-month timeframe in ambulatory patients with common solid tumors. Cancer. 2014;120(3):442-50.